AT41500P Refmatic Power

AT41500P Refmatic Power

Delphi's new model of refrigerant charging station:

Refmatic POWER (AT41500P)


General characteristics

*Completely automatic, but with the possibility to choose the manual operating mode

*Provided with a high accuracy electronic vacuometer

Specific characteristics


*New design, refreshed but with the same family feeling
*Provided of a back cover, to protect the machine from dust and dirty.
*A new wide display and a new software, that provide all information of the charging cycle, selectable in 15 different languages, as well:
*A memory card key that integrates a car’s database (more then 18.000 lines) selectable per make, model, prod. year, engine, engine type, refrigerant type, compressor oil and refrigerant quantity needed.

cardA key is requested to start the machine.
If customers will desire to update their database, can buy yearly a new key with added models. Having no access code, can be used on additional machines (customer that bought three machines can buy one updated key only)

**Provided with solenoid valves, that eliminate manual valves on the old modelsups

**Dye injector integrated, with electronic scale, to detect any possible AC circuit leakageoils

**Provided of a graphic printer to produce all information on the charging cycle (Refmatic POWER version), while is optional on the Refmatic ACTIVE model.printer

For more information, email gk_son@spidernet.com.cy